Transform Event Registration with Self Service Check in and Print-On-Demand

by Molli Moss
in Blog

ModMedRegDesk 300wideHere's a case study that highlights an onsite registration process sure to delight attendees.

The event
Our client, Modernizing Medicine hosted more than 800 of their clients at their second annual users conference in December. Wanting to create a strong first impression of their event, they turned to Event Producers  to implement a full service registration solution with a self-check-in process onsite.

The solution
Since Modernizing Medicine develops software for iPads, we knew their clients would appreciate the well-designed iPad application powered by Cvent’s onsite solutions. Attendees checked themselves in on the iPad kiosk and printed their badge right there on the spot. Registration staff was there to welcome attendees, assist them in process, and handout registration bags and T-shirts.

The result? Onsite registration “was flawless” said, Corporate Events Manager, Jodie MacLellan. “We didn’t have to worry about a thing and our executive team was thrilled.”

Here’s what we learned—the benefits of self-service check in and print-on-demand for event registration:

It's fast. It took less time for attendees to check themselves in and print their badge with one touch, than it was the prior year to look up their name in a stack of pre-printed alphabetically sorted badges. That meant shorter wait times and happier attendees.

It's easy. Attendees can search by last name or email, or scan a QR code in their mobile app to retrieve their registration record. From there, they can make edits to their badge and print.

And it works offline. Registration data is synced to the local devices and will work in offline situations. That means that if the internet goes down, it doesn’t take your registration system down along with it.

So, if you're looking to enhance your event's registration with a fast and easy process that even works offline, consider a full service registration solution with an onsite self-check-in process.