QR Codes on Name Badges Implemented at Last!

QR name tagAs promised in my last blog, it is now time to describe, not only the details of our actual experience implementing QR codes on attendee name badges, but also why we chose the solution we did.

After researching available options and comparing prices, we selected a company (Blacknet Group) that would generate QR codes and provide access to web based lead retrieval software at a very reasonable rate. Attendees and exhibitors could scan each other’s badges with their own smart phones by downloading a free scanning app and enjoy the fact that these contacts were being stored on the cloud somewhere instead of taking up room in their wallet.

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Transform Event Registration with Self Service Check in and Print-On-Demand

ModMedRegDesk 300wideHere's a case study that highlights an onsite registration process sure to delight attendees.

The event
Our client, Modernizing Medicine hosted more than 800 of their clients at their second annual users conference in December. Wanting to create a strong first impression of their event, they turned to Event Producers  to implement a full service registration solution with a self-check-in process onsite.

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